About Us! Our Story

Most of our designs are original designs by the founder Beverly Harvey. Beverly's designs were painted on everything from napkins to clothing to watercolor paper over the span of 30+ years. Somewhere along the way her art was scanned and became digitized so that it could be reproduced and shared with many at a time.

In 2017, Sheila Phillips continued what Beverly and her husband George had started in the early 90s by purchasing Designs by Beverly LLC with her husband Mike.  Sheila began to interlace her own artwork in with Beverly's along with that of others. Unlike other artists that only reproduce their designs on canvas or paper, we also reproduce ours on fabric. 

Our designs are machine washable and color fast. We have everyday designs as well as designs for New Years, Mardi Gras, Valentines's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

We offer a "boocoodle" (that's southern for too many to count") of designs! So, we suggest using our search box at the top of the menu to the left to search by theme, color, season, etc. Some ideas would be as follows: pink, boy, boat, beach, flower, baby, cowboy/cowgirl, fish, and the list goes on!

Our designs are timeless and classic, and in a way truly vintage. 

In 2023, DbB changed hands again to sisters Tonya & Anna who also share a heart and vision for the beauty of art having been raised by a true artist of anything she touches.

Not only do we plan to cherish what Beverly and Sheila have both built and created here at Designs by Beverly, but we also hope to build on their incredible foundation and add our own artistic value as well by bringing these designs to other mediums such as wood, tile, mugs, journals, and more!

Now that there are four ladies sharing in this journey we think we can officially call it a "company"!

So, welcome to Designs by Beverly & Company! Shop around anytime! 

Tonya Pace & Anna Firestone